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POVERELLO: A Journal of Multidisciplinary Research is an annual peer-reviewed journal published by Lourdes School Quezon City Senior High School. It publishes quality research outputs of students and faculty in the areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), humanities and social sciences (HUMSS), accountancy, business and management (ABM) as well as in education, theology and religious studies.

The idea of coming up with a research journal stems from the Lourdes School Quezon City Senior High School’s vision of forming young minds as active players in knowledge construction through research. The Senior High School Program has been designed to provide opportunities and avenues for students not only to master the indispensable fundamental research competencies and skills but, more importantly, to develop the capacity to ask the right questions, translate them into concrete courses of action, involve and engage stakeholders and evaluate and assess their impact to the community. At the end of the process, students are not only critical thinkers but also young men and women of informed action.


The Italian word ‘poverello’ means ‘poor person.’ Associated with St. Francis of Assisi, it signifies the spirit of poverty, humility, and joy in service. Poverello aims to disseminate quality research outputs to the academic community and beyond and foster academic discussions among researches with different perspectives from various fields, thereby pushing the outputs to their fullest potentials for development. Common among the pioneer batch’s research studies is the objective to apply skills and knowledge relevant to the young learners’ chosen career paths. Each research study is a work in progress, a major attempt by Senior High School graduates to effect substantial research-driven change in the community while demonstrating competencies and skills necessary in their respective fields.

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