The Lourdesian Leadership Empowerment Activities Program (LLEAP) was designed to intensify all school efforts in realizing a holistic, well-rounded and balanced formation program for the senior high school students by affording them all venues and opportunities for the development of personality, talents, leadership, organizational abilities, interpersonal relationships and self-expression; building on originality and creativity; providing an outlet for energy and enthusiasm and enhancing further spiritual growth and maturity.

The LLEAP envisions the full optimization of the Leadership Formation Program for junior high school students, more commonly known as the Leadersians, aiming this time the full and active involvement of all senior high school students. TO ensure this, several key areas and offices have merged and collaborated to design a unique and functional mechanism in the implementation of the said program: the Senior High School Office which will oversee the overall program implementation; Guidance Services Office which will be in charge of the homeroom activities aimed at facilitation of relevant topics on handling and managing organizations as well as the development of leadership and membership skills and traits; Christian Living Education Area which will be responsible for enriching and linking the topics on leadership with the Christian dimension of faith specifically the Capuchin Franciscan ideals and perspective; Social Action Program Office which will take charge of the application of knowledge and 21st century skills gained from homeroom discussions through community-based development projects with the school’s adopted communities as target beneficiaries; and the Student Activities Program which will supervise the operation of the different organizations in senior high school. Further, the homeroom advisers shall also serve as organization advisers to ensure the smooth facilitation of the implementation of the program.

It is also envisioned through the LLEAP that senior high school graduates shall have been equipped with sufficient knowledge, 21st century skills and values to prepare them in assuming leadership posts in university-wide or college-based organizations, if not, make meaningful contributions as active members.

Overall, the LLEAP hopes to achieve the full realization of the school’s thrust of forming future Christian leaders imbued with the spirit of gospel brotherhood through the unique, distinct and trailblazing Capuchin Franciscan and Lourdesian way.