LSQC SHS One Family Christmas party held

The LSQC SHS community held its own Christmas party as one last December 21, 2018 at the HS Grounds.

Spearheaded by the SHS LLEAP Executive Council of the Executive Board of Officers, the SHS community gathered together to celebrate the Christmas party this year together as one family. The party was also attended by the high school administrators and SHS faculty.

The HS Administrators together with SHS faculty and LLEAP Executive Council of Officers

The program was marked with a raffle, games involving the faculty and the highlighted first-ever Pasiklaban 2019 which was a showdown of production numbers among the different committees of both SHS LLEAP organizations Integrated Math, Science and Technology Guild and General Academics Society.

The venue set-up for the first ever SHS One Family Christmas Party

Despite the limited time and rigorous academic load, students were able to take time out to conceptualize and prepare for the competition coming up with commendable performances in the end.

The first ever winners of the first edition were as follows:

Champion: Marketing, Publications and Documentation Committee of IMS Guild

First-runner up: Marketing, Publications and Documentation Committee of Gen Ad Soc

Second-runner up: Membership and Secretariat Committee of IMS Guild

Accdg. to Asst. Principal for SHS Marvin De Pano, the holding of the SHS One Family Christmas Party marks the beginning of an annual tradition for the SHS that hopefully will be looked forward to by the SHS students with the annual Pasiklaban and other activities.

Pasiklaban winners received cash and goods for prizes.

The party ended with the short congratulatory message and Christmas greeting of LSQC School Principal Maria Corazon Yap.

The organizers of this event the SHS LLEAP Executive Council together with Org Advisers Myla Belalo and Ergel Muan and the SHS Asst. Principal Marvin De Pano