LLEAP pitches suggestions on improving school services in Balikatan

The current Executive Board of the Lourdesian Leadership Empowerment Activities Program (LLEAP), LSQC’s official Senior High School (SHS) organization, convened with the school’s administrators for the academic year’s first LSQC Admin-SHS LLEAP Balikatan last Sept. 17.

Balikatan is an avenue for both sectors to engage in a meaningful dialogue to address concerns and issues towards each other. The students were represented by their LLEAP organization officers.

“It has always been a practice in the High School (HS) Department to continuously promote oneness and cooperation through this ACTIVITY,” Mr. Marvin De Pano, Assistant Principal for Senior High School, said.

The following were the matters discussed during the event (in order):

Canteen Services

In line with the continuous usage of single-use plastic containers and utensils and the need to conserve and reduce waste, the student leaders have proposed the “Bring-Your-Own-Container (BYOC)” policy, wherein students may ask staff to place their orders on their respective lunch containers.

Implementing it would mean that students who have availed this policy may get a Php 5-10 discount while lessening their contribution to the school’s carbon footprint.

Canteen Head Mr. Gilbert Sarmiento also shared that a survey regarding recommendations on how to improve their services may be disseminated to the student body in the future.

Library & Instructional Media Center (IMC)

The lack of resource materials in the library, defective LCD projectors in classrooms, and broken power outlets in the SHS Discussion Room were raised to Library Services Head Mrs. Ruby Jade Delos Reyes.

On the former, she explained that the library staff visited the Manila International Book Fair last September to buy books. The library head also encouraged the officers to remind their classmates to maximize the EBSCO, the online journal database for scholarly articles to aid them in research.

Meanwhile, projectors for the HS Department were already requested and the power outlets would be checked by the Maintenance staff according to Mrs. Delos Reyes.

Information Technology (IT)

IT Coordinator Mr. Joey Laygo expressed that they are working towards slowly changing equipment in the HS Department, evidenced by the new computers installed in each classroom.

The LLEAP officers informed him on the faulty internet connections to which he responded that the routers on the HS building’s third floor would be checked.

Mr. Laygo also strongly reminded the students on proper handling of equipment inside the CAI Laboratory to avoid loss of items or defective items in the end.

“If there is anything malfunctioning or broken inside the said facility, the class, who discovered the problems, should report these immediately to the IT personnel”, he added.

Maintenance Sector

Problems with air conditioning units and restroom stalls (including toilet flushes and bidets) were addressed to Mr. Jun Arrojo, the Campus Development and Management Officer.

While he promised that these issues were to be fixed as soon as possible, the Maintenance Head requested for better and proper usage of the facilities on the students’ part.

Kung talagang masalaula sa paggamit [ng mga pasilidad], walang mangyayari doon,” he emphasized. [“If you keep on mishandling our facilities, nothing will change even if we fix them.”]

Mr. Arrojo also admitted that there is a shortage in water supply since both the Grade School (GS) and HS Departments are connected only to one water tank located at the GS Department

However, he revealed that there are already plans of installing a water tank solely for the HS building during the summer break.

Guidance Services

Ms. Catalina Bulalacao, Guidance and Student Well-being Coordinator shared her sentiments on not being able to hold regular individual counselling sessions due to time constraints.

“I wish that you will come to the guidance office and ask for a schedule,” she encouraged the students.

She also explained that sessions may happen per class or through a general assembly, adding that they would “be inviting speakers or alumni for career talks.”

On dealing with perceived mental issues or problems, however, the students expressed the need for the office to provide a stronger support system.

Office of the Assistant Principal for Student Affairs (APSA)

HS APSA Mrs. Ma. Cielo Herminia Pineda explained that the administration is currently holding the “Minute Monitoring” to oversee the behavior and continuously promote discipline even during breaks. In this system, teachers are advised to go out and check on the students every recess and lunch for at least one minute, hence the name.

The office has also recommended the addition of tables and chairs along the Magnificat Grounds to address the lack of these and the overcrowding among students during breaks.

She also urged for students to come to school early and on time as there is still an issue on tardiness.


Office of the Senior High School Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs (SHS APAA)

Newly installed SHS APAA Mr. De Pano stressed on the importance of being prepared for the real world and of cutlivating better study habits during senior high school.

Baka nasanay tayo sa Junior High na most of the time ay spoon-fed. Kailangan ready din tayo. You might experience culture shock in college [if you don’t],” he said.

Other Matters

Aside from discussing these issues, General Academics Society (GenAdSoc) Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Ace Armada together with the Integrated Mathematics and Science and Technology Guild (IMSGuild) CEO Kurvie Apolinar introduced this year’s Executive Board to the administrators and presented the accomplishments of the previous batches of the LLEAP.

The LLEAP officers went on to highly commend the revised attendance policy of the APSA Office, the faster internet speed of the school and the quality of instruction afforded by the teachers this year.

By John Carl Ramos, 11- Peace (Gen Ad Soc)