Alumni sharing sheds light to Grade 12 students on college life by Claudette Celoso and Gil Navelgas

Intended to provide insights and useful tips, an alumni talk was organized in the Applied Inquiries class of both 12-Wisdom and 12- Piety last July 7 & 8. To share experiences, six alumni of Lourdes School Quezon City were invited as speakers.

Edward Dunhill Chico (Batch 2015), Mikhail Insame (Batch 2015) and Timothy Ilog (Batch 2013), all of whom are currently in college or just graduated from it, shared their personal experiences to the students of Grade 12-Piety. For 12- Wisdom, invited were Martin Arkoncel (Batch 2013) who has graduated with BS Math in Actuarial Sciences from University of Santo Tomas, (UST), UST Computer Science Graduate Andre Roscoe Gamboa, UST ECE student Michael John Yumul (Batch 2015), Chico and Insame.

Chico, who is an incoming 3rd year student at UST emphasized the life to expect in college.

A lot of writing, surprise tests, performance tasks and sleepless nights are just some of the things that a college student will have to contend with according to the AB English Language Studies student.

He also reminded the incoming college freshmen that “When you choose your career path, it has to fit you.” and most importantly, “have fun and stay young”.

Meanwhile, the dynamic AB Communications student from Ateneo, Insame, who is known for his exceptional hosting skills in almost any events in LSQC, shared his “10 Things about College” which serves as his mantra in dealing with college such as choosing one that fits you, rediscovering priorities, joining specific organizations, starting anew and finding your purpose

Capping the session for 12- Piety is DLSU BS Economics cum laude graduate Timothy Ilog who focused on sharing his personal experiences and tips to survive the rigors of college life with flying colors.

Day 2 with 12 Wisdom

Continuing the series of alumni sharings are five Lourdesians invited for the STEM class.

Mikhail Iosef Insame from Batch 2015 emphasized the importance of exploring other fields to find more opportunities for development. Further, Michael John Yumul from the same batch recalled how he conquered struggles and temptations. He also shared the acronym 3 Ds to help students easily remember how to overcome difficulties: Diskarte, Dasal at Daya.

Edward Chico from the same batch too, on the other hand, expressed why college life, although tough as others have told, is fun. Additionally, he mentioned the significance of old testaments– previous quizzes which can be used as reviewers.

Meanwhile, Andre Roscoe Gamboa from Batch 2013 shared that being a programmer is the closest a person can get to being a superhero since coding can make you feel as though you have super powers.

Finally, Martin Gabriel Arkoncel from the same batch explained that most companies are not only looking for an applicant’s proficient knowledge, but also for his/her ability to interact and relate well with others. Thus, these qualities should be developed as early as possible.

To cap off the event, an open forum was conducted where the active participation of students was evident. Their hesitations, doubts and questions were answered and somehow solved.

The series of alumni career talk is being held in the subject Inquiries, Immersions and Investigations to guide students in the choice and decision of career to pursue.

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