Senior high school urged to develop the proper mindset by Josemaria Alipio

SHS Orientation

LSQC AUDITORIUM—What can you expect from Lourdes School Quezon City’s take on senior high?

According to Senior High School (SHS) Coordinator Marvin De Pano in an orientation last June 28, learners will be immersed in a more career-oriented setup that will prepare them for college and their future professions.

“Problem solving isn’t limited to what you do inside the classroom. You have to be able to apply these skills outside as well. A Lourdesian [senior high school] graduate should be ready for college and work after that,” Mr. De Pano said in his keynote address.

Entitled “Beginning with the End in Mind,” the SHS orientation presented both information and insights about senior high in general, the college setup in most universities, and the setting of career goals.

“Your future starts not when you first step foot in the university. It starts now, when you’re in LSQC. That’s why you begin with the end in mind. [If you don’t put serious thought into this], you can’t blame the world for your failure.”

Delving into the technical, the SHS Coordinator described the senior high class. Key characteristics of the SHS class include more in-depth research, independent study, and the use of technologies.

The SHS grading system was also covered, with Mr. De Pano emphasizing the importance of knowing the grading components. The culprit behind hard work seemingly going to waste, he shared, was misdirected efforts. Learning from their experience in junior high, SHS learners were encouraged to pay attention to and understand the demands of their requirements, particularly the mini Performance Tasks (PeTa) and grand PeTas.

Summarizing, the SHS Coordinator said, “Content ang labanan sa senior high. Hindi embellishment.”

Bolstering the research aspect of senior high, Mr. De Pano also talked about LSQC’s Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with barangays in the vicinity of the school. With respect to community-oriented research, the MOA enjoins barangay officials to aid SHS learners in conducting their research studies. Further, the SHS Coordinator stressed that in accordance with the MOA, monetary dealing of any form will not be tolerated.

After Mr. De Pano’s orientation, the SHS sections dispersed for the various pre-academic year activities such as the annual physical exam, Guidance Area testing, ID picture taking, and the audio-visual check-up. Each section experienced the said activities throughout the orientation week from June 27 to June 30.


The Lourdesian Leadership Empowerment Activities Program (LLEAP)

Mr. De Pano briefly touched on the LLEAP, an endeavor unique to LSQC’s senior high school program. It seeks to intensively hone the SHS learners’ leadership skills and capacity for service through org participation and management.

“Isa ito sa mga maipagmamalaki natin. We patterned the LLEAP after college organizations. Even the constitution and bylaws [of the two existing orgs in senior high] was based on student organizations from universities. What you can’t get or learn within the four walls of the classroom, you get from organizational experience.”

The Executive Board of the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) strand organization, the IMSGuild, held the LLEAP orientation for the three STEM sections in the afternoon. The audience comprised two Grade 11 sections, Truth and Patience, and the Grade 12 section, Wisdom.

The Executive Board discussed key points pertaining to the organization, such as the various committees, the application process, and the leadership positions open to all Grade 11 learners.

The General Academic (GA) strand organization, GenAdSoc, was scheduled to conduct its LLEAP orientation on June 29 the following day to its two sections: 11-Peace and 12- Piety.

While membership in the learners’ respective strand organizations is compulsory, the Grade 11 students are encouraged to apply for the Grade 11 leadership positions.


The SHS Orientation Week

From June 27 until June 30, SHS learners were briefed on the school year ahead. On day one of the orientation week, key areas of the senior high school program were discussed by the LSQC Principal Ms. Corazon Yap and Assistant Principal for Academic Affairs (APSA) Mrs. Cecilia Toledo.

On Friday, June 30, the LLEAP officers facilitated the LLEAP: Initiate 2017, the culminating activity of the orientation week. In addition to teambuilding activities involving all LSQC SHS learners, winning teams were awarded with gift cheques. Chief Executive Officers Gavin Chuacuco and Miguel Daplas capped off the event with their insights for the day.

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